Presenter Information for the Colorado Science Conference

The call for 2017 presenations is open!  Please submit your proposal by June 30th.

Submission information and guidelines: What we are looking for/how we evaluate your proposal.

We are looking forward to seeing what you are excited to present for traditional science content areas like biology, chemistry, earth and space sciences, physics, and envirionmental sciences within the education settings of Early Childhood Education, K-12, College, and Informal Education.  This year, we are especially looking forward to presentations that help promote our strand focus this year: Engineering. Below are some tools to help your submission ideas:

What Every Submitter Needs to Know - Please read this important information before submitting.

2017 CSC Presentation Rubric - This is the evaluation tool we base approvals on.  If you are interesting what we are hoping to have you bring to the conference, please give this a review.


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Reminders and Resources for this year's presenters:

All Presenters and Co-Presenters must register and pay the registration fee ($20 if you are retired or a student) to attend the conference. Please register in advance so that we can prepare your badges and other materials and have them ready for you. Advanced registration also provides you with a discounted rate.

Presenters, please double check with your co-presenters to make sure that they are registered for the conference as well.

 If you have any special technology needs or requests you will need to contact our technology coordinator, Please plan with them in advance for any special requests. WE WILL NOT BE PROVIDING PROJECTORS UNLESS YOU MAKE ARRANGEMENTS WITH US IN ADVANCE.  Screens will be available, but please let us know you will need one so we can make sure one is assigned in your room.


NEW THIS YEAR: If you have any materials for your presentation that you would like to share electronically with our attendees, you can log back into your account and submit them to the site through the presenter link.  The files and resources will be uploaded to our RESOURCES page.   




Have questions/comments about this year's conference? Please feel free to email us!

Presenter questions:  -

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