Thanks for another great conference. We hope to see you again next year.

Save the Date!

The Colorado Science Conference will be one week earlier next year. Mark Friday, November 9, 2018 in your calendars. 


About the Conference

The Colorado Science Conference for Professional Development is a one-day conference that provides professional development regarding science content, education strategy, and research. 

Our conference is geared towards anyone interested in science education, including K-12 teachers, college instructors, informal educators, administrators, pre-service teachers, and retired teachers. In addition, the Colorado Science Conference provides 5 hours of re-licensure credit.

As always, the conference will feature presentations regarding the science content areas of biology, chemistry, earth and space science, physics, and environmental science within the education settings of Early Childhood Education, K-12, College, and Informal Education.


New for this year: Strand focus on Engineering!

Engineering - “We use the term “engineering” in a very broad sense to mean any engagement in a systematic practice of design to achieve solutions to particular human problems” (from A Framework for K-12 Science Education NGSS)


Check out the great session line-up this year!

The 2017 Conference Program, Sessions-at-a-Glance sheet, and session materials can all be accessed at CSC Resources


Announcing our Keynote Presenter: Dr. Kenneth Miller 

Science Denial: Why it Continues and What Science Educators Can Do About It


Public opinion in the world’s leading scientific nation continues to demonstrate a surprising unwillingness to embrace the scientific consensus on issues affecting the well-being and prosperity of the country and the world. While it might seem logical to attribute the prevalence of anti-science attitudes to religious dogma or factual unawareness, the roots of this problem go far deeper, and relate to popular perceptions of science and scientists from both ends of the political and social spectrum. In today’s schools, science educators find themselves at the crosshairs of this conflict. I will suggest how both the scientific enterprise and science education need to change to reclaim the cultural high ground in American society.

Kenneth R. Miller is Professor of Biology at Brown University. A graduate of Brown, he earned his Ph. D. at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and is a cell biologist whose research focuses on the organization of biological membranes. He is coauthor of leading high school and college Biology textbooks, and has written two books for general readers: Finding Darwin’s God, andOnly a Theory – Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul. He has received a number of honors including the Gregor Mendel Medal from Villanova University, the Laetare Medal from Notre Dame University, the Stephen Jay Gould Prize from the Society for the Study of Evolution, and the Public Understanding of Science Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In 2005 he was the lead witness for the victorious plaintiffs in the landmark Kitzmiller v. Dover trial on the teaching of evolution in public schools.


Conference Location

Denver Mart

451 E 58th Ave.

Denver, CO 80216

Directions and Parking

Conference Schedule

 Time  Session or Event
8:00-8:55   Session 1
 9:10-10:05   Session 2
 10:20-11:20   Keynote Speaker Dr. Kenneth Miller in the Plaza
 11:20-12:15  Lunch and Networking
 12:15-1:10  Session 3
 1:10-1:55  Awards & Dessert
 1:55-2:50  Session 4
 3:05-4:00  Session 5
 4:00   Door Prize Drawing & Participation Certificates Distribution  


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